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How to make a piping bag

All you need is a resealable sandwich bag or a square of greaseproof paper. Too easy.
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Icing biscuits and cakes doesn’t necessarily require lots of expensive professional equipment; our Test Kitchen have two easy ways to make your own piping bag from nothing more than a resealable bag or a sheet of baking paper.

Cheat’s piping bag

Step 1: Place a small resealable bag in a jug for support.

Step 2: Fill the bag no more than halfway up with icing and twist the bag; secure the twist with an elastic band.

Step 3: Snip a corner off the bag and your piping bag is ready to use.

Paper piping bag

Step 1: Tear off a square of baking paper and cut in half, diagonally.

Step 2: Holding two points of the triangle, bring them together to meet the bottom point. Twist the points around so they align and make a cone shape; staple to secure the cone.

Step 3: Place the cone into a small jug to secure and half-fill the bag with icing. Fold the top down to secure it, snip the end with scissors and get icing!

If you’d like something delightfully delicious to give your piping bags a run on, try these absolutely adorable kitchen tea biscuits or these cute-as gingerbread biscuits.

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