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How to freeze food

Become friends with your freezer and start making the most of those weekend cooking sessions! Follow our handy tips to make the most of leftovers and cut down on prep time in the kitchen, safely.
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Pre-preparing and freezing meals is a perfect solution for busy parents or for those days when you just don’t feel like cooking.

But, there are certain things you have to keep in mind to ensure that your food is stored safely so we asked our Test Kitchen for their best tips and tricks for make-ahead meals.


Remember, freezing food doesn’t kill bacteria, it merely stops it from growing. So, to ensure your food won’t come back to bite you down the track, it’s important to check three things:

  • Your freezer temperature is between -15°C and -18°C.

  • Your food need is cool, or at room temperature, before freezing.

  • Any bag or container is well-sealed and airtight.


Now that has been sorted, what is the best way to store your food?

  • Liquids: Cylindrical plastic containers are perfect for soups while ice-cube trays are great for keeping small amounts of liquid stock in the one place. Ice-cube trays are also great for storing mushy baby foods,

  • Single serves: If you want to keep individual lunch serves for work separate, snap-lock bags are the way to go. Just stick your sanga in one, make sure it’s sealed and pop it in the fridge!

  • Patties/pizza: Keep your raw meats or patties from sticking together by layering them with a sheet of ‘go-between’ or freezer paper in the middle – great for separating single serves when you need them. Freezer paper is great for stacking pizzas, too.

  • Curries/pasta/rice: And basically anything else you can think of will keep well in any airtight plastic container.


If there’s one rule you absolutely must follow, it is to keep glass out of the freezer – it will explode and no-one wants that.


Make sure to label all your frozen foods so you know how long it will keep.

An easy way to ensure you don’t find two-year-old food in the back corner of the freezer is to keep your containers on constant rotation. Every time you mass-cook meals, remember to put the newest at the back of the freezer and bring your older food to the front.

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