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How to make perfectly poached eggs

Make your Sunday morning breakfast a whole lot fancier with the addition of a perfectly poached egg.
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Look, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs and omelettes are all delicious breakfast options, but when it comes to the cream of the crop, it has to be a simple poached egg.

Whether you top avocado bruschetta with one, serve it with asparagus and dukkah or treat yourself to eggs benedict, there is nothing quite so glorious as cutting into that runny, golden yolk and knowing that you’ve just poached an egg perfectly.

First things first, though: our Test Kitchen know-how:

Poached egg and avocado bruschetta

How to poach eggs perfectly

Step 1: Half-fill a deep frying pan with water and add about a tablespoon of vinegar. Bring the water to a gentle simmer on a medium-low heat.

Step 2: Crack an egg into a bowl and gently slide into the water. Cook for two to three minutes, splashing occasionally, until it reaches your preferred “doneness”.

Step 3: Remove the egg with a slotted spoon and rest on a piece of paper towel to drain, before serving however you fancy and congratulating yourself on your egg poaching skills.

how to poach an egg

The perfect cooking time for poached eggs

It’s essential to use fresh when poaching, as it ensures a lovely thick egg white around the yolk. A soft, runny poached egg can be done in just 2 ½ – 3 minutes, but if you prefer your eggs with a bit more hold, keep cooking for another minute or so.

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