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How to cook pasta

From how long to cook pasta for to how to store it for freezing, our Test Kitchen have the tips and tricks you'll need.
Spaghetti bolognese

You’d be hard pressed to find a household in which pasta doesn’t feature at least once a week, so it’s handy to have a couple of tagliatelle tricks up your sleeve when it comes to cooking the perfect pot.

A great timesaving tip is to boil the kettle first and add the hot water to the cold pan. It should take no time at all to bring the water back to the boil; adding a sprinkling of salt to the water will raise the boiling point, too.

Stir the pasta once you have added it to the water, and occasionally while cooking, to stop it from sticking together.

Once the pasta is al dente – that is cooked but with a “bite” – drain it immediately.

You can make pasta ahead of time by cooking and storing in resealable bags or airtight containers in the fridge; to reheat, pour over boiling water.

And then it’s time to decide what mouth-watering sauce to stir your spaghetti through!

Smoked salmon and asparagus pasta is quick and healthy, while this roasted pumpkin and feta pasta is a divine vegetarian option.

You can’t go past a classic bolognese sauce, though; just don’t forget the parmesan.

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