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How to butterfly a leg of lamb

Slow-roasted and falling off the bone, there’s nothing quite like a perfectly prepped leg of lamb. Get trussing, foodies!
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Butterflying a leg of lamb for roasting guarantees a more evenly cooked piece of meat and gives you the opportunity to load up your lamb with even more gorgeous flavours for stuffing.

Plus, it’s easy as pie; before you know it you’ll be turning out mouth-watering meals like this Greek-style roast leg of lamb or this Spanish-style barbecue leg of lamb.


Step 1: Place the lamb, fat side down, on a sheet of baking paper on a chopping board and open it up flat.

Step 2: Holding a sharp knife horizontally, cut in to the meat on the right side first using long, sweeping strokes, taking care not to slice the whole way through. This will create a flap, which you can then open out.

Step 3: Repeat on the other side of the lamb; you will now have a more evenly shaped, flatter piece of meat.

Step 4: Place your stuffing along the meat and then, using the baking paper to get a firmer grip, roll the meat up tightly.

Step 5: Truss the meat by tying together with lengths of butcher’s string, and then roast according to your recipe.

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