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Throwback Thursday: Women’s Weekly Sweet Old-Fashioned Favourites

If you treasure your Australian Women's Weekly cookbooks as much as we do, you're going to love this week's #ThrowbackThursday
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Who doesn’t have at least one Women’s Weekly cookbook knocking about their kitchen?

There’s a reason why they’re so beloved, even today, which is why we’ve delved deep into the cookbook archives and turned up the Collectors’ Edition of this classic, Sweet Old-Fashioned Favourites.

Lemon meringue pie

Is there anything more delicious than a slice of tart-yet-sweet lemon meringue pie to finish up a gorgeous, home-cooked meal? Didn’t think so. Keep it simple with this tried-and-tested Australian Women’s Weekly recipe and you’ll never go wrong.

Devil’s food cake

Rich, dense and oh-so-chocolatey, you can’t talk old-fashioned desserts without mentioning devil’s food cake. This one is the perfect treat for birthday parties, afternoon tea or even just because. Why not!

devils food cake

Apple Charlotte

A sweet combination of apple pie and apple cake, apple Charlotte delights to this day. Cut a generous slice of this one and serve with a hot cup of tea. Bliss.

Fancy even more delicious retro recipes from The Australian Women’s Weekly? Click through the gallery below!

Gallery: Sweet Old-Fashioned Favourites

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