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Oven temperature conversions

Confused when the recipe calls for 'moderately hot' or 'very slow'? We de-bunk all the key terms for you, and share some easy Fahrenheit and Celsius conversions, as well as measurements for gas ovens.
  • Very slow = 120°C = 250°F = Gas Mark ½

  • Slow = 150°C = 275-300°F = Gas Mark 1-2

  • Moderately slow = 160°C = 325°F = Gas Mark 3

  • Moderate = 180°C = 350-375°F = Gas Mark 4-5

  • Moderately hot = 200°C = 400°F = Gas Mark 6

  • Hot = 220°C = 425-450°F = Gas Mark 7-8

  • Very hot = 240°C = 475°F = Gas Mark 9

Oven temperatures on Women’s Weekly recipes are only a guide for conventional ovens. If you are using a fan-forced oven, check the operating instructions for best results. As a general rule, reduce the temperature by 10°C to 20°C when using the fan during baking; recipes might also take slightly less time to bake than specified in recipes.

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