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What are microherbs and why are they so expensive?

If you've ever eaten at a fine-dining restaurant or indulged your lazy side with some food-based reality television, you've probably stumbled across micro-herbs.

And while they’re generally used as a garnish or addition to a light salad, micro-herbs actually pack way more flavour than you’d think on first glance.

What are they?

Micro-herbs are essentially younger version of the fresh herbs you would buy in your supermarket or local growers markets (think: basil, coriander, parsley).

They are harvested at at earlier stage of their growth cycle than regular herbs, and can technically be categorised as half way between a sprout and a baby leaf.

Why are they so expensive?

Micro-herbs are more difficult to grow perfectly, as they require extra attention such as specific artificial LED lighting.

They’re also extremely delicate, making them difficult to transport to and from retail stores or farmers’ markets.

What do they taste like?

Well, exactly what you’d expect from heir full grown siblings. The biggest difference is the size, and texture of the plant.

As they’re harvested when plants are still young, the nutrients and flavours are more concentrated, all pocketed in one small, delicate leaf.

Where can I buy some?

Some good supermarkets will stock young micro-herbs already in their pot, ready to be kept by the windowsill to keep themselves flourishing.

You’ll be able to find seeds or seedlings at most nurseries if you wish to grow them yourself to save money.

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