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10 Tummy-Friendly Foods That Reduce Bloating

Eat your way to a flatter tum!
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When it comes to bloating, it’s not all about the foods you have to avoid.

Loading up on some of these natural tummy-soothers will reduce cramping and water retention and set you on the path to a happier, healthier stomach.

Fennel seeds: Folk medicine has championed fennel seeds for reducing bloating for years; the little liquorice-y seeds relax gastrointestinal spasms and cramps, allowing gas to pass. Try fennel tea, or go straight to the source and nibble on them directly.

Ginger: Anyone who has suffered from morning sickness will recognise ginger as a natural nausea-soother, but it can also ease bloating. Anti-inflammatory properties calm the gut and relax the muscles of the digestive tract, just like fennel seeds. Satisfy your sweet tooth and your tum with these ginger, coconut and almond slices.

sweet ginger dessert recipes

Ginger, coconut and almond slice

Asparagus: Asparagus is a natural diuretic, which flushes out excess water and, in the process, reduces bloat. It’s also packed with prebiotics, which aids the growth of “good” bacteria. Keep it simple with this chicken, pea and asparagus soup.

Papaya: It’s not just a lip salve! Papaya is bursting with an enzyme called papain that helps to break down protein and ease digestion, as well as anti-inflammatory properties. As if you needed an excuse to dip into this rockmelon sorbet with fresh papaya.

Yoghurt: Probiotics are great for gut health and yoghurt is a delicious source of these good bacteria. And, as well as encouraging a happy, productive digestive tract, yoghurt is a great source of protein, setting you up for a happy, productive day! Look for one with “active cultures” for best results.

Oats: Oats can be particularly beneficial to your digestion, making your tummy a lot happier. And, just in time for the cooler winter weather, gives you a great excuse to load up on some of these delicious porridge flavours.

Berry semolina porridge

Berry semolina porridge

Bananas: Potassium-rich foods like bananas are exactly what you’re looking for when you’re bloated and blah; as well as regulating sodium levels, they contain soluble fibre that can relieve constipation, which could also be contributing to the problem. We’re loving this banana bread at the moment.

Avocados: Since we’re on the topic of potassium, you can also reach for an avo or two to beat the bloat. Like bananas, they prevent water retention and salt-induced bloating. Plus, they’re packed with healthy fats and provide you with slow-burning energy. Treat yourself to poached egg and avocado bruschetta for tomorrow’s brekkie.

Cucumber: Cucumbers do the same thing to your tummy as your under-eye puffiness: reduce swelling. Their healing properties are all down to an anti-oxidant called quercetin, so slice ’em and dice ’em and get them all through a cucumber salad.

Mint: As well making a refreshing drink to sip on during your meal, adding fresh mint to your table water can combat bloating and soothe your gut. Or, finish up each night with a cup of soothing chamomile tea; it does the same job.

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