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24 fish cakes recipes for easy weeknight dinners

If you're looking for a quick, tasty and nutritious dinner idea for the family, you can't go past the humble fish cake. They're delicious enjoyed on their own, served on a bun with creamy mayonnaise, or accompanied by a fresh garden salad. Here, we've shared our favourite ways to make fish cakes, using everything from salmon and tuna, to prawns with peas. You'll find Asian-inspired recipes alongside Aussie-style fish cakes made with mashed potato. We've got you covered tonight!
salmon and zucchini burgers with green hummus
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November 30, 1974

Salmon and zucchini burgers with green hummus

A fish burger makes a delicious alternative to a beef burger. You can use white-fleshed fish, or even prawns, instead of the salmon for something different. Note
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