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16 delicious dumplings for dinner

For something so small, dumplings sure pack in a lot of flavour!
spinach and ginger dumplings

Whether you love them simmering in a beautiful broth, steamed to perfection or crispy and fried, these dumplings are the perfect idea for a light, tasty dinner. We have recipes for little pork parcels, sensational spinach and seafood satchels and tasty beef bags. There’s also a selection of our best vegetarian variations if you’re following a meat-free diet. Enjoy!

SHIITAKE MUSHROOM and pork soup dumplings
November 30, 1975

Shiitake mushroom and pork soup dumplings

Dumplings can be assembled, then frozen in an airtight container up to a week ahead. Steam dumplings for 12 minutes from frozen. Soup dumplings or xialongbao, as they are called Yum Cha restaurants, are a shanghainese speciality. They are commonly filled with minced pork and a firm, gelatine-rich stock, which turns to a soup when […]
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