Vanilla cakes, slices and desserts for morning tea

There's nothing 'vanilla' about this recipe collection. These beautiful cakes, slices and cookies are all packed full of flavour and are wonderfully sweet. We've also got homemade desserts like panna cotta, creme brulee and citrus-spiced tarts, all with the addition of beautifully fragrant vanilla. You'll find a homemade ice-cream recipe, plus some lovely French-style macaroons for morning tea. Take a flick through and see what catches your attention...
steamed vanilla pudding with poached pears
Rhubarb and vanilla CRUMBLE CAKE
May 31, 1975

Rhubarb and vanilla crumble cake

You will need about two bunches of rhubarb for this recipe. To spread the second layer of cake batter over the crumble, without mixing the two, dollop the batter into each corner first, then gently spread the batter toward the centre. Note
By Women's Weekly Food

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