17 ways with lemon curd

Sweet and tart, lemon curd is a dessert recipe staple that perfectly lends itself to a whole range of recipes. Here, you can find cheesecakes, souffles, cookies, pastries and tarts that all make the most of this delicious treat.
lemon curd tart
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LEMON CURD AND Poppy Seed Pastries
March 31, 1975

Lemon curd and poppy seed pastries

Assemble pastries no more than an hour before serving, refrigerate until required. Note
By Women's Weekly Food
lemon curd souffles
September 30, 2009

Lemon curd souffles

When we think of soufflés as a sweet, we often think of the chocolate kind. While you won’t catch us dissing anything with chocolate in it, this lemon curd soufflé is sweet and tart and exceedingly delicious.
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Quick & Easy
July 31, 2010

Lemon curd tarts

You will need about 2 lemons for this recipe. You can freeze the unused egg whites and use them later in friands, omelettes or a pavlova. VARIATIONS You can make this recipe with other citrus fruit, simply replace the lemon rind and juice with the same amount of rind and juice of whatever citrus fruit […]
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