10 super cute cake pops

Cake pops are fiddly to make, but well worth the effort. They're a great single-serve cake option for parties, and are a fun alternative to cupcakes.
Ice-cream cone cake pops

Katherine Sabbath's ice-cream cone cake pops (recipe below).


There are a lot of great decorating options in supermarkets these days, however a trip to a good cake decorating supplier will inspire you and can make decorating easier. If you don’t have a store near you, try ordering decorations online.

Once balls of cake are coated with icing or melted chocolate, they need to dry without touching any surface. Stand the pops upright in a thick styrofoam block, available from cake decorating suppliers. If you can’t find styrofoam, use some old egg cartons. Make holes in the top with a skewer or small knife, just large enough to hold the sticks upright. You will need to make sure you have this in place before you start dipping the cake pops.

Cake pop sticks (also sold as “lollipop candy sticks”) are available from cake decorating suppliers and craft shops. You can also use paddle pop sticks, available from some newsagents, bamboo skewers (remove the pointed end) or even swirly plastic straws.

This may give you a different number of cake pops. Simply adjust the size of the cake pops if needed, or you may find you have extras.

The freezer is a great help when preparing cake pops, as it chills and firms the mixture quickly. You can refrigerate cake pops instead if you don’t have the freezer space, just allow more time.


Katherine Sabbath

How fun do these look! Katherine Sabbath’s mini ice-cream cone cake pops.


Clown cake pops

Clown cake pops


little cake pops

Little cake pops



Even easier than cake pops! They’re our choc-mallow pops!

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