How to make a towering pavlova Christmas tree

Pavlova is a central part to any Christmas celebration in Australia, and you can make yours even more spectacular with this towering tropical meringue Christmas tree recipe.

Australian Women's Weekly|Nov 13, 2019

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    The beautiful bright green flesh of kiwifruit has meant it's often found as a garnish to tropical cocktails or atop a summer pavlova. But the distinctive sweet-sour flavour of this winter fruit can really hold its own in any dessert and here, we've pulled together a few creative ideas for you to experiment with. There's everything from a classic cheesecake to homemade jams and beautiful breakfast ideas. Let your creativity run wild!

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    Sweet petite custard and fruit tarts are delicious dessert appetiser to take to Christmas dinner. Make ahead to save time and assemble close to serving.

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    Roll up this fruity spin on an Australian dessert favourite. You'll even have some spare passionfruit curd to spread for breakfast or afternoon tea.

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    Strawberry, passionfruit and kiwi fruit snuggle into freshly-baked pastry. Perfect as mini tarts or one large flan.

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