16 fabulous fruit punch recipes

Kick off your summer parties with a refreshing, fruity bowl of punch. Here, we have all our best recipes that make the most of the fresh summer fruits currently on offer and of course, all manners of alcohol! So whether you love a classic Pimms punch, rum-based bowls or watermelon wonders, there's sure to be a creation you'll adore. We've even included some alcohol-free cocktails that are perfect for the whole family. Cheers!

Now to love|Dec 19, 2016

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  • Shogani cocktail with oysters

    Christmas doesn't have to be without luxury. Serve this refreshing ginger cocktail with oysters on a bed of ice.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Oct 12, 2015

  • Lamb with tomato salad and mint yogurt

    It's hard to imagine a better pairing than tender seasoned lamb and mint yoghurt. Served with pitta bread, this becomes ideal for any upcoming party or family gathering.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Dec 30, 2014

  • Mushrooms with feta on garlic croutes

    Dress up humble mushrooms with crumbled fetta, rocket and drizzled basil then serve atop crispy italian garlic bread for a stylish appetizer.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Dec 30, 2014

  • Tofu fritters with sweet chilli sauce

    Asian-revered bean curd with herbs and encased in light batter, produces healthy and yummy bite-size snacks - the perfect starters to serve guests at your next social gathering.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Sep 29, 2014

  • Salmon pinwheels

    There is no better match than cream cheese and soft smoked salmon. With dill, mint, capers and lemon juice you'll find you just can't stop eating these refreshing pinwheels.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Sep 29, 2014

  • Mulled wine spritzer

    Boasting wine, fruit and spice, this refreshing chilled beverage is brimming with festive season cheer. It also pours well as a summer party pleaser.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Jul 29, 2014

  • Sugar and spice almonds

    Create the perfect little snack in no time at all with just three ingredients: icing sugar, cinnamon and all the almonds you can eat.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Jul 29, 2014

  • Olive oil pastries with cheeses and mint

    These tantalising pastries are encased with greek fetta and herbs to give a mediterranean flavour hit. Prepare in advance for easy to cook cocktail food or starters on any special occasion.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Jul 29, 2014

  • Smoked chicken canapes

    Serve your guests this delicious canape that takes just 15 minutes to make. Just drizzle cranberry sauce over juicy chicken strips and serve on a crisp lettuce leaf.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Jul 29, 2014