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pea and broad bean frittata

Pea and broad bean frittata

This fresh spring frittata combines frozen broad beans and peas with ricotta to create an easy dinner that can be on the table in 30 minutes. It's just as good served up for lunch the next day.
poached fish fillets with herb amp pea salad

Poached fish fillets with herb and pea salad

Vietnamese mint is not actually mint, but a pungent and peppery narrow-leafed member of the buckwheat family. Also known as laksa leaf and cambodian mint, it is available from Asian greengrocers. Any white fish cutlets are suitable for this recipe. Note
pea and potato soup

Pea and potato soup

Leek and potato are natural allies when teamed in a satisfying winter soup. Take care to wash the leeks well under cold water to remove any gri Note