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Crunchy Anzac biscuit recipe

Crunchy Anzac biscuit recipe

If you like your Anzac biscuits crunchy, rather than chewy, this is the recipe for you. Plus check out our tips for turning this recipe into an ice-cream sandwich.
Anzac biscuits on a bench, some covered in chocolate

Chewy Anzac biscuits

Use this chewy Anzac biscuit recipe as-is, or use it as a base to explore different flavour combinations.
Anzac biscuits recipe

Giant Anzac biscuits

Whether you love them chewy or crunchy, this versatile Anzac biscuit recipe is perfect! Just adjust the cooking time for your preferred bikkie and you'll have a new go-to recipe for every Anzac Day.

Australia day lamington pops

store cake pops in an airtight container at a cool room temperature until ready to serve. They will keep for up to a week. Note