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Roulade recipes for afternoon tea

The combination of light, fluffy sponge cake (or meringue) and a creamy, fruity filling is utterly irresistible come tea time, and it's these tasty dessert rolls that will satisfy your cravings. From our stunning strawberries and cream pairing to decadent chocolate delights, you're sure to find something you'll love here. Just cut yourself a big slice, pop on the kettle and enjoy!

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    Eggnog pavlova meringue roll

    Put a festive touch on your pavlova roulade with our homemade eggnog cream and a variety of delicious Australia summer fruits - it'll make a stunning addition to any Christmas feast.

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    Decadent chocolate roulade

    This decadent chocolate roulade is rich but surprisingly light. This also means the cake can crack slightly when it's rolled, but that's just proof that it's flourless. If you find it very difficult to shape, wrap in plastic and refrigerate and then mould into shape.

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    Strawberry and pomegranate pavlova roulade

    Travel back to the old English countryside with this classic combination of cake, cream and strawberries. If you're looking for something a little less traditional, switch up the flavours with lemon, almonds and berries.

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    Strawberries and cream white chocolate roulade

    The combination of sweet, light sponge cake with a creamy white chocolate and strawberry filling is utterly irresistible. Cut yourself a slice and enjoy with a pot of tea for morning or afternoon tea.

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    Chestnut roulade

    Roulade means "roll" in French. Here, chestnut puree, lashings of cream and fresh raspberries give an interesting twist to the traditional British swiss roll.

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    Peach and raspberry meringue roll

    For an interesting and pretty take on the traditional pavlova, try this peach and raspberry meringue roll. The toasted almond crust perfectly compliments the soft, sweet meringue and the slightly tart fruit centre.

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    Coconut pavlova roll

    Light, fluffy, and wonderfully sweet, this beautiful coconut pavlova roll is stuffed with a creamy coconut filling and sweet, juicy strawberry slices to create the ultimate Australian dessert.

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    Chocolate roulade

    This delicious roulade by Woman's Day has a feather light texture and rich chocolate taste that will satisfy the most committed chocoholic. A jammy centre enhances this delightful sweet.

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    Pavlova fruit roll

    The beauty of this recipe is that you have the delicious taste of a pavlova with a much shorter cooking time. Rolling the meringue in this way results in a bright, fruit filled centre that looks exquisite on the plate.

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    Mocha dessert roll

    This rich, but not too-sweet, mocha roll is one of Anneka Manning's favourite desserts from her cookbook 'BakeClass'. It's perfect for entertaining, and it's much easier to make than you’d expect!

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    Sponge roll with jam and cream

    Sink your teeth into these moist, fluffy and delightfully sweet sponge rolls with jam and cream. The perfect accompaniment for your morning cuppa!

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    Coffee liqueur roll

    Tia Maria and Kahlua are both coffee-flavoured liqueurs and would work well in this recipe. Serve it up as a special grown-up treat along with your afternoon cuppa with friends.

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    Banoffee sponge roll

    Banana, caramel and cream are delightful in this easy sponge roll.

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    Grated chocolate sponge roll

    If you're looking for quick dessert ideas for entertaining, you can't look past this beautiful sponge roll, complete with a rich vanilla cream filling. It's super quick to make, but looks and tastes might impressive.

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