10 delicious ways to reinvent Christmas ham leftovers

One ham, many tasty ways…
Abbott's Bakery ham leftovers sandwich

The ham is often the centrepiece of our Christmas feast and celebrations.

Sometimes sliced and served as-is, other times glazed and studded with cloves the festive ham is rich in flavour and endless in its versatility.

The real joy of ham, though, comes in the days following Christmas, where it is used to spruce up a sandwich, as the base for a quick dinner or transformed into party food when neighbours and friends pop over.

 Here are 10 great ways to reinvent your Christmas ham after the big day.

Savoury impossible pie

This delicious savoury pie is extremely easy to make – simply mix all ingredients together and bake! It’s great enjoyed fresh out of the oven with a side salad or cut up and chilled for school or work lunches.

It’s the trifecta of ingredients, a ham, lettuce and tomato sandwich. Or quadfecta, if you add Abbott’s Bakery Rustic White fresh bread. Timeless, classic and crowd-pleasing ingredients with a splash of French flair in brie, and slither of mayonnaise topped with Cos, just because. Sunday lunch, satisfied.

(Credit: Australian Women’s Weekly)

Even better than green eggs and ham, the kids will love this summer classic pea and ham spaghetti. Prepped in just 10 minutes and on the table in 25 minutes, it’s a fast, flavour-packed family favourite. Serve with your dipping toast fingers.

The most popular sandwich combination of all time…  classic ham and cheese toasties. In the elevated edition, Gruyere cheese and Colby combined with smoked ham, dark rye bread, flavoursome rocket leaves, Dijon mustard, cucumber pickle and butter guarantee this sandwich a place on the post-Christmas ham reinvention menu.

Chicken and ham patties

Crispy and delicious, these chicken and ham patties are great in burgers or for a snack. With chicken mince, sliced ham, coriander, garlic, onion, breadcrumbs and olive oil, it’s a simple crowd-pleaser.

The Croque Madame (croque meaning ‘crunch’; ‘madame’ because the egg on top resembles a woman’s hat), is a variation of the Croque Monsieur. Both sandwiches feature ham and cheese, but the Madame has the ‘egg’. This popular French sandwich is versatile enough for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Just like ham itself, the terrine is equally versatile. Serve it hot, cold, and mix in any of your favourite – or left over – ingredients. This ham, mustard and parsley terrine is bursting with rustic ham and tangy caperberries.

Some things can’t be explained… like ham, spiced mango and brie. It just works. Like a flavour explosion, with various textures all working together like a kaleidoscope of heat, sweet, savoury and creamy plus fluffy fresh wholemeal bread. Don’t question it. Just enjoy it.   

Oozy cheese, rich ham, crunchy breadcrumbs… these parcels of big flavour are a must for reinventing your Christmas ham leftovers, especially when hosting friends or family.  

It’s not an Aussie Christmas without a Surf and Turf Sandwich. In this re-invention of the classic, juicy prawns and leg ham are used, plus green pickle relish, tartare sauce, herbs and a squeeze of lemon. Sandwich these between three slices of great quality rye bread and lunch is served. 

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