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Sydney ura-maki

sydney ura-maki
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1.Place one half-sheet of seaweed lengthways across bamboo mat about 2cm from the edge of mat closest to you. Dip fingers of one hand in bowl of vinegared water, shake off excess; pick up a quarter of the rice, press onto seaweed then, working from left to right, gently rake rice to cover seaweed completely and evenly.
2.Sprinkle quarter of the pepper mix and quarter of the combined sesame seeds over rice then cover rice completely with plastic wrap. Carefully lift mat, turn over so seaweed faces up; place back on bamboo mat about 2cm from edge. Using finger, swipe a dab of wasabi across centre of seaweed then top with about a quarter of the avocado and salmon, making certain the filling extends to ends of seaweed.
3.Starting with edge closest to you, pick up mat with thumb and index finger of both hands; use remaining fingers to hold filling in place as you roll mat. Roll forward, pressing gently but tightly, wrapping rice around filling. Continue rolling forward to complete the roll. Unroll mat; keep roll in plastic wrap.
4.Wipe sharp knife with damp cloth; cut roll, still in plastic wrap, in half then each half into quarters, wiping knife between each cut. Remove plastic wrap.
5.Serve ura-maki at room temperature with remaining wasabi and sauce.

To prevent them from drying out, keep finished ura-maki wrapped in plastic, uncut, until ready to serve. Goes well with sesame dipping sauce, and oysters osaka.


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