Quick & Easy

Sashimi rolls with lemon dipping sauce

Light, fresh and tasty, these beautiful ocean trout sashimi rolls are the perfect finger food to pass around at your next party.



1.Using sharp knife, cut trout into paper-thin slices (you need 16 slices).
2.Remove and discard seeds and membranes from capsicum; halve cucumber lengthways, scoop out seeds. Halve onion lengthways. Slice capsicum, cucumber and onion into 8cm-long pieces.
3.Lay trout slices on board in single layer; divide capsicum, cucumber and onion among trout slices, mounding at one of the narrow edges. Roll slices around filling; place rolls, seam-side down, on serving platter.
4.Make dipping sauce: heat vinegar, sugar and sauce in small saucepan, stirring, until sugar dissolves. Remove from heat, add rind; stand 10 minutes. Strain sauce into serving bowl; discard rind. Serve with dipping sauce.

Do ahead: lemon dipping sauce can be made a day ahead. Cover; refrigerate until required.\ Ocean trout sold as sashimi ocean trout has met stringent guidelines regarding its treatment since leaving the water, so you can be guaranteed of its quality and that it’s safe to eat raw.


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