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Chicken and egg on rice

Japanese-style chicken and egg on rice is a savoury and satisfying dinner.
Chicken and egg on rice



1.Place mushrooms in small heatproof bowl, cover with boiling water, stand about 20 minutes, drain. Discard stems, halve caps.
2.Meanwhile, bring dashi, sauce, mirin and sugar to the boil in large frying pan. Add chicken, leek and mushrooms, cook, covered, about 3 minutes or until chicken is tender. Pour egg over chicken mixture, cook, covered, over low heat about 2 minutes or until egg just sets.
3.Divide rice among bowls, top with chicken mixture, sprinkle with chives.

You need to cook 1½ cups (300g) of japanese rice for this recipe. The egg mixture should be just set, still a little runny in areas. Remove from heat, keep covered to cook egg a little longer, if you like.


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