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Cherry, cinnamon and vanilla jam

Spread over fresh ricotta on thick toasted sourdough or use as a filling for little cream cheese tarts.
cherry, cinnamon and vanilla jam
3 Cup



1.Combine cherries, raspberries, rind, juice and the water in large saucepan, bring to the boil. Reduce heat, simmer, covered, about 15 minutes or until cherries are soft.
2.Measure fruit mixture, allow ¾ cup sugar for each cup of fruit mixture. Return fruit mixture and sugar to pan. Split vanilla bean in half lengthways, add to pan with cinnamon sticks. Stir over high heat, without boiling, until sugar dissolves. Bring to the boil, boil, uncovered, without stirring, about 30 minutes or until jam jells when tested. Discard vanilla bean and cinnamon sticks.
3.Pour hot jam into hot sterilised jars, seal immediately. Label and date jars when cold.

Cherry pitters are available from kitchen supply shops and can also be used for olives. Make a cheat’s version by using a chopstick and a bottle with an opening that’s smaller than a cherry. Remove the cherry stalk; place the cherry, stalk-side down, over the top of the bottle, and push the tip of the chopstick through the cherry to dislodge the pit into the bottle.


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