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Ceviche classico

A simple, tangy and completely refreshing way to enjoy fish.

Something wonderful happens to raw fish when it is bathed in lime juice. Team with coconut milk and jalepenos and serve up with cucumber, avocado and corn chips for a taste that’s out of this world.

Ceviche, pronounced se-vee-chay, is a Latin American specialty. The seafood is marinated in lime juice in order to ‘cook’ it. We have used kingfish fillets here but all kinds of seafood can be served this way.

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1.Stir vinegar, sugar and the hot water together in a small bowl until sugar dissolves. Stir in onion. Set aside for 10 minutes to pickle and soften.
2.Meanwhile, cut fish into 1cm pieces. Combine fish with remaining ingredients, except avocado and serving ingredients, in a glass or ceramic bowl. Cover; refrigerate for 10 minutes. Season to taste.
3.Spoon fish mixture and avocado into a large bowl. Top with drained pickled onion and extra coriander leaves. Serve with corn chips.

A non-reactive bowl (one made from glazed porcelain or glass) must be used to avoid the metallic taste that can result if marinating takes place in a stainless-steel or an aluminium bowl. Ensure all of the fish is completely covered with juice.

You will need about 6 limes for this recipe. The lime juice ‘cooks’ the fish.


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