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Beef carpaccio with green papaya salad

Tender slices of beef carpaccio match perfectly with a fragrant green papaya salad.
beef carpaccio with green papaya salad



1.Wrap beef tightly in plastic wrap; place in freezer about 1 hour or until partially frozen. Unwrap beef; using sharp knife, slice beef as thinly as possible.
2.Peel papaya, halve lengthways; remove seeds then grate coarsely into large bowl. Add remaining ingredients except coconut; toss to combine.
3.Arrange carpaccio in single layer on serving plates; top with salad, sprinkle with coconut.

Green papayas are just unripe papayas. They are available at Asian food stores; look for one that is hard and slightly shiny, proving it is freshly picked. Papaya will ripen rapidly if not used within a day or two. To open fresh coconut, pierce one of the eyes then roast the coconut briefly in a very hot oven only until cracks appear in the shell. Cool, then break the coconut apart and grate or flake the firm while flesh. If fresh coconut is not available, used flaked coconut.


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