Smooth nut & seed butter

A superior spread.
1.5 cups

This is a delicious non-dairy butter alternative for vegans and for those who are lactose intolerant. This butter is very lightly sweetened; however, it may still be used as a spread for savoury sandwiches or, if you prefer, you could omit the honey all together.



1.Process all ingredients, scraping the side of the bowl regularly, until the mixture is smooth. Alternatively, use a high speed blender for a faster and smoother result. (This step may take up to 25 minutes depending on the processing power of your processor or blender. Powerful commercial processors and blenders will take around 10 minutes, while small retail home-use blenders/processors can take up to 25 minutes before
2.Spoon nut and seed butter into a jar and refrigerate. Stir the nut butter before using as the oil will settle on the top.other ideas For crunchy nut butter, reserve ½ cup of nuts and pulse through at the end of blending.

Try swapping the almonds and peanuts with cashews and macadamias; omit the linseeds, and stir in 2 tablespoons poppy seeds at the end.

For a ‘Nutella-like’ spread, add 1½ tablespoons dutch-processed cocoa and an extra 1 tablespoon honey into the ingredients.