Salted cultured butter

You'll love the delicious lactic tang to our cultured butter.
450 grams

Use leftover buttermilk as you would store-bought, in baking (try scones), cooking and smoothies, keeping in mind that it is much thinner than

store-bought or homemade cultured buttermilk. It will keep refrigerated for up to 2 weeks.

Homemade butter has a higher moisture content than commercially-made butter, so isn’t as suited to cooking. It’s best enjoyed as a spread to savour the taste.

You can also make the butter in a food processor: chill the bowl and the blade of the processor first to speed the process.



1.Combine cream and yoghurt in a large bowl of an electric mixer. Cover; set aside in a warm place to culture for 24 hours or until thickened slightly with a lactic smell similar to yoghurt. Refrigerate for 1 hour or until chilled.
2.Whisk cream mixture in an electric mixer until it separates into thick butter particles and a cloudy liquid, the buttermilk. (This will take about 2½ minutes; at first the mixture will look like over-whipped cream, but, as you continue to whisk, the butterfat will form small clumps.)
3.Place a sieve over a large bowl; strain butter, reserving the buttermilk. Rinse and squeeze the butter under cold running water, until the water runs clear and no buttermilk remains. Drain well. Sprinkle butter with salt and mix through; shape into a log (or three small logs) and wrap in baking paper. Refrigerate both the butter and buttermilk.

Use only pure cream, without thickeners or other additives, when making this recipe.

Use active or live yoghurt with cultures.

It is important to remove the buttermilk or the butter will spoil quickly.