Salmon and dill rice cakes

Tasty and satisfying with a touch of luxury.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner!


This simple and healthy snack or lunch idea only takes a few ingredients and 5 minutes to throw together. Tasty, satisfying with a little luxury too.

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1.Combine cheese, dill and rind in a small bowl. Spread cheese mixture over rice cake.
2.Top rice cake with salmon. Sprinkle with extra dill leaves; season to taste.

This makes a great work lunch and, even better, you can have two, so don’t forget to pack double the ingredients. Combine the cheese and the dill, then pack the remaining ingredients separately and assemble the rice cakes at work. At 190 calories for two, this still comes in under the lunch allowance. We used original rice cakes; you can use a corn cake if you prefer.