Crème fraîche

Creamy with a delightful tang.
2 cups

Crème fraîche is very similar to sour cream and can be used similarly. Sour cream is 35% butterfat and is made by adding a bacterial culture to pouring cream; it has a sharp, sour taste. In contrast, traditional French crème fraîche is made from richer cream, it also has a culture added, however, the resulting tang is more mellow. Sour cream is used for dips, dressings and as a topping; crème fraîche can also be used for all those things, plus it is heat stable and doesn’t curdle in hot mixtures.

Try this with rich food; while crème fraîche is rich-tasting, the lactic tang means it goes well with rich food. Try it with smoked salmon or hot-smoked trout. Or, add a little chives and mustard to the crème fraîche and serve with roast beef.



1.Combine cream and buttermilk in a 3-cup (750ml) covered sterilised jar or container. Set aside at room temperature for 48 hours or until thickened. Do not shake or stir the mixture while it is standing. Refrigerate.

You will need to start this recipe two days ahead.

You will need a clean and sterilised jar.