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Tabbouleh with grilled eggplant

Tabbouleh is a great vegetarian dish with a delicious combination of traditional Mediterranean flavours. It is also a bonus that it is quick and easy to prepare.
Tabbouleh with grilled eggplant



1.Chop tomatoes finely, retaining as much juice as possible. Pour tomato and tomato juice on top of burghul in small bowl. Cover; refrigerate about 2 hours or until burghul softens.
2.Cut each eggplant into 8 wedges. Brush wedges with combined oil and sumac; cook in heated grill pan until tender.
3.Meanwhile, combine burghul mixture with herbs, onion, juice and extra oil.
4.Serve tabbouleh with eggplant, and yogurt, if desired.

Sumac is a purple-red, astringent spice ground from berries growing on shrubs that flourish wild around the Mediterranean; adds a tart, lemony flavour to dips and dressings and goes well with barbecued meat. Can be found in Middle Eastern food stores.


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