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Sushi hand rolls

These freeform hand-made sushi rolls are easy to make and look spectacular. They are perfect as a starter or for a share platter at a party.
Sushi hand rolls
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1.Halve cucumber lengthways; discard seeds with teaspoon. Cut into 16 strips.
2.Place rice in non-metallic bowl; cover with damp cloth. Cut each sheet of seaweed into quarters; cover with plastic wrap until ready to serve. Slice avocado thinly, brush with lemon juice to stop it discolouring; cover. Combine mayonnaise and wasabi in small bowl; cover.
3.Place a piece of seaweed, shiny-side down, diagonally across palm of one hand. Dip fingers of other hand in bowl of vinegared water (see tip), shake off excess water; pick up about 2 tablespoons of the rice, place in centre of seaweed, then “rake” rice towards top corner of seaweed, making a slight groove down the middle of the rice for the filling.
4.Using finger, swipe a dab of wasabi mayonnaise along the groove, topping it with a slice each of avocado, seafood stick and cucumber, then a small sprinkle of seeds. Fold one side of seaweed over to stick to rice; fold other side of seaweed over the first to form a cone.
5.Repeat process with remaining seaweed pieces, rice, mayonnaise, avocado, seafood stick, cucumber and seeds to make 16 rolls in total.
6.Dip rolls in sauce; top with a slice of pickled ginger and eat immediately.

Tip of cone can be folded back to hold cone shape securely. For rice vinegared water, add 1 tablespoon rice vinegar to medium bowl of cold water.


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