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Sizzling prawn fajitas with avocado cream

Packed full of authentic Mexican spices, these quick and easy prawn fajitas are best served with with a cooling dollop of avocado sour cream. Healthy family dinners have never been so easy.


Sizzling prawn fajitas
Avocado cream


Sizzling prawn fajitas

1.In a large frying pan heat half oil on high. Cook chickpeas 6-8 minutes, stirring, until skins are crisp. Stir in cayenne pepper, cook 1 minute. Season. Transfer to a plate.
2.In same pan saute capsicum and onion, 4-5 minutes, until just tender. Transfer to a plate.
3.In a medium bowl, combine remaining oil with paprika and cumin. Toss prawns in mixture to coat.
4.In same hot pan, saute prawn mixture 3-4 minutes, turning once until prawns completely changed colour and are cooked through. Return vegetables to pan. Cook, stirring, 1 minute to and heat through. Season.
5.Make avocado cream: Scoop avocado into a small food processor with remaining ingredients. Process until smooth and season to taste.
6.Serve prawn mixture with tortillas, lettuce, chickpeas, and avocado cream,

Deglaze pan with prawns and veg using ½ cup of Mexican-style beer, if liked.


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