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San choy bow

The kids will love these pork mince filled lettuce cups.
san chow bowEveryday Food



1.Heat oil in a large frying pan on high. Saute ginger and garlic for about 30 seconds until fragrant.
2.Add mince and brown well for 4-5 minutes, breaking up the lumps with the back of a spoon as it browns.
3.Stir in onion, ham, mushroom, bamboo shoots and bean sprouts. Cook, stirring, for 3-4 minutes.
4.Blend in sherry and sauces. Serve straight away in lettuce cups, sprinkled with extra green onion. Accompany with a little extra soy sauce and sliced chilli, if you like.

Ready-made falafel can be bought from some delicatessens and any kebab shop. You can also buy a packet mix from the supermarket and make them yourself. These easy, breezy diners will all be winners on a hot summer night.


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