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Pasta wintervera

Whip up this winter inspired pasta in no time at all.

Create this fresh and easy winter pasta in 30 minutes with only a few simple ingredients for a delicious meal when you’re short on time or energy.

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1.Heat half the butter in a large heavy-based frying pan over medium heat. Add half the leek; cook, stirring occasionally, for 10 minutes or until golden and crisp. Remove from pan with a slotted spoon; drain on paper towel. Reserve butter in pan.
2.Cook pasta in a large saucepan of salted boiling water until almost tender. Drain, reserving 1 cup cooking water.
3.Add half the oil and remaining butter to pan; cook remaining leek and chard stems for 5 minutes or until just tender and butter is nut brown.
4.Return pasta to saucepan over medium heat. Add leek and chard stem mixture, chard leaves and reserved cooking water; season to taste. Cook, tossing, for 2 minutes or until chard leaves are just wilted.
5.Divide pasta mixture among bowls; top with crumbled fetta and crisp leek. Drizzle with remaining oil and season to taste; serve.

Give the leeks a good rinse to remove any dirt that may be lodged between the layers. The best way to do this is after trimming off the green part, cut the leek in half lengthways, then allow the water to run down the leek, through the layers. Dry well.


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