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Inside-out rolls

inside-out rolls
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1.Place one nori sheet lengthways across bamboo mat about 2cm from edge of mat. Using damp fingers, spread a quarter of the rice over nori to completely cover sheet.
2.Sprinkle a quarter each of the roe and seeds over rice; cover rice completely with a piece of plastic wrap. Carefully turn mat over so nori faces up. Place back on bamboo mat, nori-side up, about 2cm from edge. Dab some wasabi across centre of nori; top with a quarter each of the cucumber, prawn, capsicum and ginger, ensuring filling extends to both ends of nori.
3.Using mat, roll firmly to form inside-out roll. Unroll mat, keeping roll in plastic wrap. Repeat with remaining ingredients.
4.Cut roll, still in plastic wrap, in half, then each half into quarters, to make eight pieces. Remove plastic wrap; serve inside-out rolls with remaining wasabi and sauce.

You need to make double the amount of the sushi rice for this recipe. Wiping a sharp knife with a damp cloth will make cutting the roll easier. You can use salmon roe if ocean trout roe is unavailable.


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