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Hainan chicken rice

hainan chicken rice
1H 45M



1.Rub chicken all over with combined rice wine and sauce. Gently slide ginger, garlic and onion under chicken skin.
2.Bring the water to the boil in a large saucepan. Place chicken in the water. Turn off heat, turn chicken pieces. Stand chicken in water 20 minutes. Remove chicken from pan, return liquid to the boil. Return chicken to pan, stand 20 minutes. Repeat boiling, turning and standing four times.
3.Remove chicken from pan, remove and discard skin. Brush chicken all over with remaining sauce, oil and salt.
4.Return cooking liquid to the boil, boil, uncovered, until reduced by a half.
5.Meanwhile, rinse rice thoroughly under cold running water. Place rice in large saucepan, add enough water to cover rice by 2cm (¾ inch). Cover pan, bring to the boil. Stir several times to prevent rice sticking. When boiling, remove lid and continue to boil until tunnels appear in rice and all the water has evaporated or been absorbed, do not stir. Cover, stand rice 20 minutes. Stir with fork, stand, covered, further 10 minutes.
6.Cut chicken into pieces, serve with rice, cucumber and chilli ginger sambal. Accompany with a bowl of cooking liquid sprinkled with extra onion. chilli ginger sambal Blend ingredients (or grind in a mortar and pestle) until combined.

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