Grilled prawns with avocado cream and slaw

Fresh, flavoursome, and so delicious - these juicy grilled prawns with zesty avocado cream and slaw will please the entire family!
grilled prawns recipe



1.Shell and devein prawns leaving tails intact. Combine prawns, seasoning and olive oil in a small bowl.
2.Mash avocado, juice and water in a small bowl using a fork until mixture is coarsely mixed.
3.Combine cabbage, carrot, onion and extra virgin olive oil in a medium bowl; season to taste.
4.Cook prawns on a heated oiled grill pan or frying pan for 1 minute each side or until cooked through.
5.Serve prawns with avocado cream and cabbage salad; top with coriander leaves and accompany with lime wedges.

For speed, use a mandoline or V-slicer to cut the carrot, or the coarse holes on a box grater. You can use an Asian vegetable peeler to peel the carrot into long thin strands. These are sold at Asian grocers and select kitchen shops.


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