Quick & Easy

Grilled haloumi gyros

Try this deliciously light and fresh grilled haloumi gyros for dinner tonight - super easy and quick to prepare, and so tasty!


Tomato herb salad
Garlic sauce


1.Make tomato herb salad: place burghul in a small bowl; pour enough boiling water to cover. Stand burghul about 30 minutes or until tender. Drain burghul in a sieve, pressing out as much water as possible; place in a large bowl. Add tomatoes, parsley and mint; stir through combined juice and oil. Season to taste.
2.Make garlic sauce: combine ingredients in a small bowl.
3.Cut cheese into 1cm slices. Cook cheese on a heated oiled flat plate until browned both sides.
4.Divide cheese evenly among bread, top with salad and drizzle with garlic sauce; fold bread to enclose, serve immediately.

Tomato and herb salad and garlic sauce can be made a day ahead; cover, store in the fridge. Burghul is made from whole wheat kernels that are steamed, dried and toasted before cracking into several distinct sizes, so they develop a rich, nutty flavour. Because it is already partially cooked, burghul only requires minimal cooking. Cracked wheat, on the other hand, is raw whole wheat.


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