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Dukkah-crusted salmon

dukkah-crusted salmon



1.To make almond dukkah; dry-fry ingredients in large frying pan, stirring, about 1 minute or until browned lightly and fragrant. Process mixture until chopped coarsely.
2.Heat oil in same large frying pan over medium heat. Press one side of each fish fillet firmly into dukkah to coat; cook fish 3 minutes each side or until cooked as desired.
3.Meanwhile, quarter buk choy; microwave about 2 minutes or until just tender.
4.Cook noodles in large saucepan of boiling water 4 minutes or until just tender, drain.
5.Serve fish with buk choy and noodles.

Before starting the recipe, boil the kettle so you have boiling water ready to prepare the noodles. Dukkah is available from the spice section of most major supermarkets. You can use this instead of making your own, to save even more time.


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