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Easy combination fried rice

A take away favourite that's quick and easy to make at home.
combination fried rice

If you’re looking for an easy mid-week dinner idea that can be whipped up in a flash, this special or combination fried rice recipe is a solution. It’s perfect for using up leftover rice, includes chicken, prawns, bacon and a mix of veggies, and comes together wonderfully with tasty Asian flavours you’re sure to love. Dig in!


Combination fried rice


Combination fried rice


Shell and devein prawns, leaving tails intact.


Heat 1 tbsp of the oil in wok; stir-fry chicken, in batches, until cooked. Remove from wok. Stir-fry prawns in wok, in batches, until changed in colour; remove from wok.


Heat half the remaining oil in wok; stir-fry egg until just set then remove from wok.


Heat remaining oil in wok; stir-fry bacon, brown onion, capsicum, garlic and ginger until bacon is crisp. Return chicken, prawns and egg to wok with remaining ingredients; stir-fry until hot.

You need to cook 1 1/3 cups of white long-grain rice the day before you make this dish; spread the cooled rice on a tray, cover and refrigerate overnight.


What is combination fried rice made of?

This recipe includes white long grain rice, prawns, chicken, bacon, eggs, peas, capsicum and onions, with soy sauce, garlic and ginger adding a flavour kick. The ingredients for other combination fried rice recipes may vary a bit but the basic ingredients are typically the same: cooked rice, soy sauce, oil (for the all important fried part of the dish) and a mix of protein and veggies.

What is the best combination for fried rice?

Fried rice is a versatile dish, with traditional versions in Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Singaporean, Malaysian and Korean cuisine (to name a few), all with different ingredients. There are also plenty of different recipes you can use to make fried rice as a side dish or as a meal. If you like to experiment in the kitchen, you could also add ingredients of your choosing into the rice or served alongside it.

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