Quick & Easy

Chirashi (scattered sushi)



Sushi vinegar


1.Wash rice with cold water until water runs clear, drain well. Combine rice and the water in 2.5-litre (10-cup) rice cooker, secure lid. Cook about 15 minutes or until cooker automatically switches to keep warm.
2.Meanwhile, make sushi vinegar by stirring rice vinegar, caster sugar and salt in a small bowl until sugar dissolves.
3.Heat oil in wok. Pour egg into wok; cook, tilting wok, until egg is almost set. Remove omelette from wok, roll omelette tightly then slice thinly.
4.Spread rice over base of large, non-metallic flat-based bowl. Using a rice paddle (or a large flat wooden spoon or plastic spatula) repeatedly slice through rice at a sharp angle to break up lumps and separate grains, gradually pouring in sushi vinegar at the same time, making sure the rice isn’t too wet
5.Continue to slice rice with one hand, lifting and turning rice from outside into centre, fan rice with the other hand for about 5 minutes or until rice is almost cool. (Do not allow rice to become cold or it will harden).
6.Spoon rice into a wide shallow serving dish, top with sashimi, roe, ginger, omelette and nori. Serve with soy sauce, wasabi and extra pickled ginger.

Use the freshest, sashimi-quality fish you can find. Raw fish sold as sashimi has to meet stringent guidelines regarding its handling and treatment after leaving the water. We suggest you seek advice from local authorities before eating raw seafood. Recipe not suitable to freeze. This is the perfect dish if you love sushi but haven’t the time to make it. The name literally means “scattered sushi” as it consists of a bowl of “sushi meshi” (vinegared rice) with various toppings including sashimi, vegetables, pickles or omelette slices.


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