Quick & Easy

Butter miso mushroom risotto

Enjoy the flavours of Asia with this delectable butter miso mushroom risotto. This dish is quick and easy, yet still packs bags of flavour!



1.Thinly slice green onions, keep white and green parts separate.
2.Rinse rice under running water until water runs clear.
3.Set rice cooker to sauté or regular cook function; add butter. Once melted, cook mushrooms and white part of onion for 5 minutes or until softened. Season; remove from cooker.
4.Add 1 tablespoon sesame oil to the cooker. Once hot, add rinsed rice, stir to coat in oil. Pour the water into rice cooker. Cook, covered, on risotto setting for 10 minutes.
5.Stir mushroom mixture into cooker, cover; cook until cooker function changes to warm. Whisk miso paste and the extra water together. Add to cooker with spinach and extra butter, stir until spinach wilts and butter melts. Season.
6.Divide risotto among bowls; sprinkle with sesame seeds and remaining green onion.

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