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Barbecue prawns

Delicious served with crisp lettuce leaves, these quick stir-fried prawns make a tasty starter or light meal.
Barbecue Prawns
1H 10M



1.Shell prawns. Using point of small knife, cut each prawn down the back, remove back vein; rinse, pat dry. With sharp knife, make deep slit along the back of each prawn. Put cornflour, salt and unbeaten egg white into bowl, mix well. Add prawns, mix well. Allow to stand 1 hour.
2.Heat oil in frying pan or wok, add prawns, fry quickly for 2 minutes or until prawns are just cooked; remove from pan, drain well.
3.Drain off oil from pan leaving approximately ¼ cup oil. Add onion to pan, sauté 2 minutes. Add curry powder and sugar, stir for 1 minute. Add prawns to pan, stir 1 minute. Add satay sauce and cream, bring to boil, reduce heat, simmer 1 minute, stirring constantly. Add capsicum. Remove from heat.
4.Line serving dish with lettuce leaves, spoon prawns over. If desired, place small metal bowl in the centre of prawns. Fill bowl with warmed brandy and set alight. Pick up a prawn with chopsticks, hold over the brandy flame to heat and flavour prawns.

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