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Oysters with pink and green mignonette dressings

Dress your oysters up with a tangy mignonette dressing.

We’ve given this classic oyster topping a makeover with two variations on the shallot dressing – a pink and green mignonette.

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1.Divide shallots between two small serving bowls. Add red wine vinegar and pink peppercorns to one bowl.
2.Add white wine vinegar and chives to second bowl.
3.Just before serving, spoon dressings over 12 oysters each.

Not suitable to freeze or microwave.

Buy oysters up to a day ahead; store covered with damp paper towel, then a tea towel in the fridge. Cover opened oysters with plastic wrap.

extra express Serve oysters natural, placed on a bed of ice with a grinding of black pepper and lemon halves wrapped in muslin for a decorative touch.


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