Barbecued ocean trout with pomegranate & radish salad

This simple grilled fish recipe, with its jewel-like topping, is perfect to feed a crowd, especially during the festive season.
Barbecued ocean trout with pomegranate topping on plate

A whole side of fish is a cook’s secret weapon at Christmas – it’s fast, easy to make, and looks and tastes spectacular. In this grilled fish recipe the ocean trout is cooked on the barbecue and served with a pomegranate and radish salad. You could easily swap the ocean trout with a side of salmon if you prefer.





POMEGRANATE & RADISH SALAD To make the salad, trim radishes, leaving small leaves attached. If radishes and leaves are large, quarter radishes or cut into wedges and trim leaves. Combine remaining ingredients, except radishes and basil, in a medium bowl; season to taste.


Preheat a covered barbecue with all burners on low and hood closed until temperature reaches 200°C, or follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


Combine salt and half the oil in a small bowl. Rub mixture on skin side of fish. Combine garlic and remaining oil in a small bowl. Rub mixture on flesh side of fish. Season.


Place fish on barbecue grill, skin-side down. Close the hood. Turn burners off underneath fish and turn other burners to high. Cook in covered barbecue for 15 minutes or until cooked as desired (ocean trout is best served medium-rare in the thickest part).


Using two large fish slides, transfer fish to a platter. Scatter with parsley, then arrange salad topping on top with radishes and basil.

To bake instead of barbecue, place fish on an oven tray lined with baking paper, cover with foil, then bake in a preheated 200°C oven.

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