A Hibachi grill is our current cooking obsession, and here’s why

Fun and full of flavour.

If you’ve been following MasterChef over the years, you would have seen the use of traditional Hibachi grills pop up. And, if you’re like us and you tend to be curious when it comes to kitchen appliances or finding new ways to prepare your favourite recipes, then you’ll want to consider a Hibachi-style grill for your kitchen.

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What is a Hibachi grill?

Hibachi grills are typically small and compact and feature a grill plate that sits on top of a ceramic bowl that’s filled with burning charcoal. Designed to be placed on a tabletop so you can grill meats, vegetables and sometimes even rice right in front of you as you eat – talk about hot off the grill!

How do I use a Hibachi grill?

‘Hibachi’ which is Japanese for ‘fire bowl’, is actually very simple to use. Just follow these easy steps below.

  • Line the base with charcoal in a single layer.

  • Light the charcoal either with a long-reach lighter or some matches. Once the charcoal has a white layer of ash on them, this indicates the grill is now ready to use. You can prepare your ingredients while you wait for your grill to heat up.

  • Start cooking! Adjust the temperature of your grill with manual vents that you can usually find on the side of your Hibachi grill.

  • Serve immediately, as you cook.

What is the difference between a Hibachi grill and a regular grill?

Besides its obvious differences, such as size and portability, a Hibachi grill is generally equipped for Hibachi-style cooking. This consists of grilling bite-sized meats directly on the hot stainless steel grill. The direct heat and high temperatures of the Hibachi grill enable quick cooking, so you can eat almost immediately. Plus, its interactive element means everyone can get involved when it comes to cooking/grilling.

What are the best Hibachi grills to buy in Australia?

There are an array of Hibachi-style grills available, with this exact model by KINKA that was seen on MasterChef episodes of the past being a popular choice amongst home cooks. Ready to add this compact grill to your cooking routine? Below, we’ve found the best Hibachi grills to shop in Australia, this year.



Weber Go-Anywhere charcoal grill, $149.95 at Amazon

Leading BBQ brand, Weber, is known to make high-quality BBQ grills for any occasion. And, this Hibachi-style grill is no different. Think: perfectly grilled steaks or satays over glowing charcoal, every time.




Binchotan Hibachi grill, $212.50 at Amazon

This Hibachi grill features a removable stand and an easy-to-use air-flow window so you can adjust the heat of your grill easily as you cook (and eat).




Hibachi Japanese Krono grill, $309 at Amazon

As mentioned, this Hibachi grill by KINKA was seen in action on MasterChef episodes back in 2020; however, its popularity has soared ever since. Also known as a Krono grill, this small and compact number is crafted from Diatom mud from the Noto peninsula in Japan – a premium material that retains heat when cooking. It’s perfect for grilling wagyu, yakitori, fish, vegetables, and much more.




Lenoxx Hibachi grill with tongs, $79 at Temple & Webster

Enjoy the delectable taste of grilled meat anywhere with his Hibachi grill. Made from thick clay and steel, this Japanese-style grill is quick-heating and so you can spend less time cooking, and more time indulging in your favourite recipes.




STC round Hibachi grill, $55 at Amazon

The rounded design of this Hibachi grill is perfect for grilling meats and vegetables for the whole family. Plus, with its elevated stand, it means there is less chance of heat transfer – keeping your dining table protected.


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