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14 Mexican-inspired dinners for the family

Spice up family meal time by adding some Mexican flavours into the mix.

When it comes to weeknight dinners, it can be easy to fall into the same daily menu routines. Why not spice up family meal time by adding some Mexican flavours into the mix? This collection of recipes includes everything from chicken nugget tacos, to a baked tortilla lasagne. There's all the classics like empanadas, quesadillas and nachos, plus some inventive modern Mexican dishes like chicken tortilla pies and a flavour-packed salad. Family dinners just got so much more fun!
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    Zucchini, black bean and corn enchiladas

    Meat-free Monday's start now! These zucchini and black bean enchiladas contains all the protein goodness veg can give, while not compromising on the delicious spicy taste of Mexico.

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    Mexican fish finger burritos

    If you're looking for a quick and tasty family dinner idea, you can't go past these fish finger burritos. The crunchy, golden seafood pieces taste brilliant with fresh tomato salsa and a generous dollop of sour cream.


  • 3

    Mexicana lasagne

    Who would have thought to include Mexican spices in a traditionally-Italian dish? The lasagne game has changed forever - and we like it a lot. This tasty recipe uses tortillas in place of pasta sheets for a deliciously different texture.


  • 4

    Chicken nugget tacos

    The addition of crunchy, golden chicken nuggets adds a much-welcome burst of texture to these Mexican tacos. Load them up with a zesty mayo and creamy homemade slaw for the ultimate flavour explosion.


  • 5

    Chicken tortilla pies

    These adorable little Mexican pies combine a light tortilla shell with tender, spiced chicken, creamy avo, fresh salsa, sour cream and oozy cheese to create the tastiest family dinner option for weeknights.


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    Beef empanadas

    Full of flavour and a hint of spice, these beef empanadas are the ultimate snack or party food. Share them around the next time you entertain family and friends.

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    Pumpkin, ricotta and rocket quesadillas

    These delicious vegetarian quesadillas are great for lunch or an afternoon snack. The kids (big and small) will enjoy them. And they're suitable for diabetics, too.

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  • 9

    Mexican tortilla stack

    Jazz up your standard family weeknight dinner with this delicious grilled Mexican stack, made by layering tortillas with melted cheese and a tender spiced chicken filling.

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  • 10

    Slow-cooked Mexican beef chilli mole

    This traditional Mexican meat dish, where chocolate, chilli and beef are combined in a delicious, hearty casserole, is even more flavoursome in this gorgeous version of the recipe made in a slow cooker.

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  • 11

    Lamb birria

    This spicy and flavoursome lamb birria will excite your taste buds! Full of authentic spicy Mexican flavours, this lamb stew will have you coming back for more!

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    Pumpkin and corn quesadilla with fresh tomato salsa

    Fresh, wholesome dinners are always the most satisfying! Just like this pumpkin and corn quesadilla dish with fresh tomato salsa - healthy, nourishing and so delicious! Suitable for the 2-Day Fast Diet.

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  • 14

    Mexican tortilla salad

    The delicious combination of creamy guacamole, fresh vegies, flavoursome Mexican spices and crunchy tortilla crisps makes this salad shine. It's brilliant for quick family weeknight dinners.


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