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What’s in season: September

Tangy citrus fruits, long-stemmed leafy greens and sweet berries, here's what's in season this September in Australia.
Tangelo tart with candied blood oranges

Tangelo tart with candied blood oranges (recipe below).

What’s in season in September?

Spring is finally here! Embrace the blossoming season with this produce guide, aimed to help you make the most of September’s in-season fruits and vegetables.

Tangy citrus fruits are in abundance this month, including lemons, blood and navel oranges, mandarins and tangelos. Strawberries are also in season this September, so add a punnet or two to your shopping basket!

Green is the colour when it comes to in-season vegetables. Leafy and stemmed greens like asparagus, spinach, leeks, green beans and more, plus chillies, cauliflower and mushrooms are the vegetables to look out for the next time you’re shopping.

Although the heat hasn’t reached summer-like temperatures, the warmer weather calls for fresh spring salads, lighter dinners and tangy or berry-ful desserts.

Here’s what is in-season in Australia this September.





Oranges – blood and navel









Avocados – Hass




Chinese greens

Gai lan

Green beans


Mushrooms – morel





Miso chicken with broccolini and asparagus

ASPARAGUS – Whether they’re tossed into a stir-fry, baked in a quiche or steamed and served with salt and pepper, asparagus is an extremely versatile veg that is in-season this September. The next time you’re feeling peckish, our artichoke and asparagus fritters with olive relish will do the trick for both big and little kids! Our smoked salmon and asparagus salad is a deliciously light spring salad that doubles as a simple workday lunch, while our miso chicken with broccolini and asparagus is a tasty chicken dinner that’s good for your gut and taste buds!


Orange yoghurt cake

ORANGES (BLOOD and NAVEL) – Don’t be fooled, oranges are capable of much more than just being sliced for a lunchbox. If you’re after savoury ways to cook with oranges, make our blood-orange glazed ham or honeyed orange quail the next time you’re entertaining. On weeknights, our chilli orange pork will do the trick! For those who love choc-orange, add our choc-orange tartlets to your September baking list, as well as our orange yoghurt cake for afternoon tea. If you’re looking for more ways to bake with oranges, click here.


Slow-cooker spicy upside down pineapple chicken

PINEAPPLE – While pineapples are great in a pina colada, they taste even better in our coconut and pineapple slice! The next time you’re hosting, make our slow-cooker spicy upside-down pineapple chicken or mustard pork cutlets with pineapple slaw. And while pineapple on pizza is up for major debate, our caramelised pineapple and ham pizza is a fun and fabulous Friday night dinner. For dessert, our pineapple ginger muffins and pineapple self-saucing pudding are great for the little ones. If you love cooking with pineapple, then you’ll love these sweet and savoury dishes featuring pineapple.


Strawberries and cream sponge cake

STRAWBERRIES – No one can deny the pull of a strawberry dessert! Whether it’s a fluffy strawberries and cream sponge cake or our simple choc-caramel dipped strawberries, strawberries are a brilliant berry to cook and bake with. Contrary to what many believe, strawberries are a wonderful addition to some savoury recipes, like our marinated duck and peppered strawberries, primed for entertaining or intimate dinners at home. Our almond and strawberry friands and strawberry and cream cookies are brilliant lunchbox fillers!


Leek and broccoli tuna pasta bake

LEEKS – Whether it’s as a side dish or starring main, leeks shine in every recipe! Our leek and broccoli tuna pasta bake is an easy-to-prepare weeknight dinner idea that’s both filling and nourishing, while our leek and mushroom lasagne is a simple vegetarian dinner. As for starters and side dishes, add our caramelised leek and brie tartlets, and leek and green onions with romesco sauce to your next dinner party spread.


Lemon meringue blondie

LEMONS – While lemons are available all year round, they’re in their prime in September. Expect deliciously tangy lemons perfect for both desserts and savoury dishes this month. For dinner, make our chicken tagine with lemon and olives or fried prawns with preserved lemon and green chillies. Adjust the amount of chilli to suit your liking! Lemons shine in desserts, to make sure to bake our lemon meringue blondie or best-ever lemon tart this September. Take a look at our collection of tangy lemon recipes for more ideas.


Mushroom and pesto toasted sandwiches

MUSHROOMS – Our favourite fungi is in season this September! Whether you’re after breakfasts, dinners, or everything in between, we’ve got a mushroom recipe for you. Make our mushroom and pesto toasted sandwiches for a weekend lunch. If you’re looking for easy vegetarian recipes, our mushroom stroganoff and air fryer mozzarella mushroom burgers are perfect for any day of the week.


Cheesy chilli bolognese

CHILLIES – Believe it or not, chillies are a berry-fruit! Powerful, vibrant and punchy, chillies elevate ordinary recipes to extraordinary heights. Share our chilli beans with chimichurri or spicy Mexican-inspired chilli con carne that next time you’re hosting a party and make our deliciously simple cheesy chilli Bolognese or chilli tuna pasta bake for dinner tonight (if they can take the heat!). Adjust any serving of chillies to suit your preference. And if you have a few chillies lying around, put them to good use with our chilli jam recipe – or try making our spicy chilli oil!


Teriyaki chicken salad rolls

AVOCADO (HASS) – Smashed on toast, mashed in guac, or sliced into a burrito bowl, there’s so much to do with avocados. If the kids are fans of avo, pack a chicken, celery avocado sandwich into their lunchbox – it takes just 5 minutes to make! And if you’re looking for a fun dinner idea, make our beef and bean nachos, topped with tomato salsa and avocado or teriyaki chicken salad rolls.


Tangelo tart with candied blood oranges

TANGELO – Tangelo is a hybrid of a grapefruit and tangerine, making them a deliciously tangy fruit that’s perfect for desserts. Try our whole tangelo cake – it uses two tangelos to make a vibrant and moist fruit cake. And if you prefer tarts over cakes, our scrumptious tangelo tart with candied blood oranges is a fabulous dessert perfect for almost any occasion.

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