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How to make potato gnocchi

Light, fluffy pillows of potato gnocchi are a great comfort food. And it's easier to make than you think. Our expert Test Kitchen tips make it simple.

Making your own gnocchi is one of those rewarding experiences that many people avoid as they think it's really difficult, when in fact it's just about practise.
Once you try it a couple of times, it will become very simple for you - and you'll be experimenting with all the toppings from hearty lamb stew to a pumpkin and sage sauce.
Which variety should I use?
Sweet potatoes (kumara), Desiree potatoes and Nicola potatoes work best for making gnocchi.
How do I prepare them?
Roast, boil or steam the potatoes. Cool slightly, then remove the peel. Mash the cooked potato, or push it through a ricer into a bowl.
Making your gnocchi
While your potato mash is still hot – add the flour, and the egg (if the recipe calls for it). Mix it well into a sticky dough, and divide your dough into smaller portions.
Working with one portion at a time, roll it on a floured surface into a 2cm-thick sausage shape.
Using a sharp knife, cut into 2cm pieces. Roll each piece into a ball, then roll the balls over the inside floured tines of a fork, pressing down lightly with your forefinger to create a dimple.
Using your thumb, push the dough over onto itself.
Your gnocchi is now ready to cook. Enjoy!

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